Trail carving in Eastern Wedge unit

TRAILS: 1 hour: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Started carving Eastern Hill trail (southern section) in Eastern Wedge unit #5.

Carved about 35 feet of East Hill Trail in Eastern Wedge unit #5, starting from the south end near the clearcut. More difficult cutting here with lots of hemlock and alder roots – sometimes the best tool is the hand saw to carve through the duffy soil and the roots all at once. Even though it produced a respectable trail grade, I may de-prioritize carving this section of trail because it is a good candidate for an official road extension from the High Landing. This extension would continue at a roughly level grade across a naturally established bench to provide the only viable access to the roadless Eastern Wedge unit. A small excavator would make the task much easier, and with a more enduring result.

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