Trail carving on West Ridge

TRAILS: 4.75 hours: 1:00 PM to 5:45 PM

Started carving West Ridge trail (middle section) in North Side unit #2.

Trail carving on West Ridge – north side of the creek: completed 240 feet in the middle section, starting from just below the steep upward bend (which I may re-route), down to the indentation from the side-stream to the east, where it levels out. Created a smooth “ribbon” throughout this length of trail, with just one steep section having old stump roots acting as steps. Cut the humps and filled the dips, aiming for a level cross-section. Also dug up several hemlock seedlings, evergreen huckleberry and false azalea that were in the trail route, hauled them back for transplanting at the farm.








Before and After: West Ridge trail looking east towards the lone cedar.

Only some slight carving here, some ferns and tree seedlings removed.









Before and After: West Ridge trail looking SW along ravine indent.

Some serious cut and fill here, big stump removal, lots of brush and seedlings to pull. Salvaged some Evergreen Huckleberry, False Azalea and some nice hemlock starts for transplanting back at Wild Thyme Farm.

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