Smart Microfarms is developing and installing scalable microalgae systems for community, urban and rooftop gardens and for algae entrepreneurs to grow high value algae products that are local, sustainable and profitable.

Our experience and specialization is in scalable algae microfarms and we can help terrestrial, hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouse farms diversify their income stream with high-value algae food products.

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Robert Henrikson, who pioneered large scale spirulina cultivation 40 years ago, founding Earthrise Farms, is now developing smart algae microfarms to promote a future growing local, high quality superfood products.

Olympia Testbed
The Smart Microfarm testbed near Olympia Washington is inside a larger farm greenhouse. Spirulina growing ponds are insulated below and are covered with a retractable second greenhouse cover to extend the growing season by retaining heat beyond the summer months. As one of the northern most spirulina farms in operation today, this farm will demonstrate the capability of algae microfarms in cooler climates.

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