Wild Forestry Sites

WTF Aerial photo with RMZWild Thyme Farm, Oakville Washington
In the Chehalis River valley, this facility will demonstrate productivity in cooler climates and test practical microfarms and photobioreactors for growing algae for local food and high value products in urban, community, rooftop, mobile and vertical gardens. Ponds have insulating foam panels below and retractable cover above, all within a larger vegetable greenhouse. This greenhouse pond design will raise productivity and extend the growing season beyond the summer months.

CC view from the gravel roadClearwater Creek,  Naselle Washington
The first of two spirulina greenhouses is operational at a rural location in Bellingham Washington. By spring 2014, a second larger greenhouse will be installed for a total pond area of about 100m2.

Greenhouse photobioreactorsGreenhouse Photobioreactors
To extend the growing season, the Olympia testbed evaluated heating and lighting system protocols. Effectively, the summer covered greenhouse transforms into a photobioreactor with heat and lights to raise production during the off-season.

Web App 4Smart Remote Monitoring Systems
Using Smart Microfarm technology, automation and web-based monitoring systems will reduce the need for experts on site. Our microfarms have video web cams for remote viewing on the internet and operators send daily updates on cultivation and harvest metrics. We are developing automated sensors and apps for smart phones and tablets to connect with a central lab.

Richmond UnitsSan Francisco Bay Area Modular Units
Smart Microfarms developed and tested scalable indoor and backyard growing systems, producing fresh, frozen and dehydrated products for local consumption. Modular tanks for outdoor decks and backyard are designed to scale up to larger sizes.

Demonstration unitsAlgae Aquarium Display Units
Algae Aquariums set up as kiosks and displays for store customers and people walking or driving by office windows. These aquariums show how algae can be grown at home or office on a small scale.

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